Friday, June 17, 2011


So, I ask myself: "what happened to this blog?" I think the answer is time... and facebook, mostly facebook. It's just easier, when things get busy, to write a quick line. But I assure you (are you out there?), I'm still here, sort of...

If you happen upon this little shot in the dark, meander on over to my other project, Heirloom, which is the professional counterpart to this personal blog. It's part shop, part design/copywriting/marketing services, all under one tidy "roof". And yes, Heirloom has its own facebook page, so be sure to "Like" it!

I've recently updated my shop with some original handmade jewelry designs that are fun and easy to wear, if I say so myself. Note: I haven't taken my simple studs off in some time. And check out these dangles! AND these bronze oval studs, which were recently featured in Etsy Finds: May's Hot Topics! Clearly, I've been having a lot of fun with my pseudo-cameo-doily-frame line! Finally, keep an eye out for some little creatures that will be making their way into the shop soon too.

I really enjoy talking in the first person(!), so this is not goodbye, but see you around here, there, and the web-o-sphere.

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