Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Been Schmapped!!

Washington Park, Denver, CO

If you happen to find yourself browsing the Denver, CO section of Schmap!!, you may come across the above picture listed in Denver's Neighborhood Guide under Washington Park (picture #6). The good people at Schmap!! found the obscure photo taken in August 2007 on my flickr site. Thanks Schmap!! I'm honored to be invited to participate.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back to basics... from the inside out

One egg fried with fresh heirloom green and yellow tomato, fresh shelled baby limas, rolled oats with butter, salt, pepper, milk, and walnuts

Mostly antique cobalt bottles with morning glories

Getting chilly

Light casting through knots in the fake/temporary door, reflecting an upside-down image of outside. Cool!

I realized I haven't "made" lunch in a couple of weeks. When I'm so busy I have to rely on things that aren't going to reward me with the stamina I need to keep going or the peace and creativity that comes along with putting together even the simplest ingredients, I'm not taking care good of myself. Then I took a look at the house, my life, my relationships. True, things from this point forward are going to be filled with that "one more thing," forever and always, but I'd rather enjoy life than be forever playing catch up. It may be time to inventory what's going on and perhaps what needs to be put on hold. This weekend I worked on some house projects, cleaned and organized, listened to some good music, called and emailed some friends and family, and made lunch. I also took some extra moments to take in my surroundings. I feel much better.

So Long Summertime... Welcome Fall!

So many things are going on around here. I'm currently walking the tight-rope of life... as so many of us are. What else is new? I had hoped to post so much more about the latest happenings, so perhaps I can attempt to sum it up in a couple of posts. Things around Red Barn Farm have been running their ever-inevitable course...

Apples are drop, drop, dropping and have started to release their sweet/sour aroma into the air. I revel in the sound of them hitting the ground and the scent really isn't bad; after all it's smorgasbord for the bugs.

Concord grapes are here and nearly gone. They are so sweet and yummy right now. The tomatoes and peppers are hanging on, as are the herbs, but the squash and zucchini have officially bit the dust!

We've thrown ourselves into the digital age! What they don't tell you is how complicated the antenna is... the best reception we've gotten with our digital converter box is with the indoor loop from an old black and white television hanging off the pyracantha bush outside the family room. Apparently it's a known problem that they don't work as well with roof antennas. Go figure. The outcome: FOX still has the best reception (I could do without), we gained a couple of networks and the weather channel, but lost PBS. Overall, a turn for the worse. Good thing there's no time for watching TV.

Post-worthy on its own, meet my new-sed Hoosier cabinet! I know, I know! Like I need another project. Well, this is from some wonderful friends/neighbors who decided they didn't have a use for it. It's got all the original details including the flour sifter, egg timer, and enamel counter top. The plan is to use it as an organizer for my art/craft supplies. There are so many great storage options for this guy! I can't wait to paint it!