Monday, September 22, 2008

Giant Puffballs!

As a response to Annie of Imogene's post (her photo above) about this little known autumnal mystery giganto-fungus, I report that I have limited "field" experience due to our giant puffballs (Calvatia gigantea) meeting their untimely demise in a freak lawnmower accident. I did come across another few on a camping trip with a bunch of seventh graders last week, and thought they would play an ideal role in a s'mores related prank, but sadly, I wimped out. Nevertheless, I will be plucking the next giant puffball I see (that has not gone to spore yet) for some serious research... dinner! Whether this year or next, I will report my findings.

Annie, it looks like someone's been nibbling your puffball!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In Love

So it seems I'm a cat person after all. I am completely and utterly in love with Master P., our cat. I know it's not exactly fun hearing about other people's pets (like watching someone else's family vacation slide show or hearing about someones dreams; more about the telling than the hearing), but humor me for one sec while I break some blogging "rules"...

Master P. (a story for another time) responds mostly to the name "Peezer". If you have not already had the pleasure of meeting this cat, you absolutely must! He's a cat for the people. Really more of a dog than a feline, this little guy is all about whatever is going on at any given moment and placing himself in the middle in order to get some rubs.

He lives outside most the time, except to sneak in to curl up on a bed or my lap. He comes galloping (the greatest run) when I call him, follows us around the yard, greets me when I come home (and sends me off in the morning), lets Toonces (our other cat) steel his treats without an extra flick of his tail, and introduces himself to everyone, including the chimney sweep.

I'd like to think that he's got a special place in his heart for me (because I most certainly do for him), but I think he simply has no prejudices. He's one cool cat. So much so that I endure the pain of his nails when he tucks his little nose under my arm and kneads himself to slumber.